Free Vocal Remover

VocalRemover.Online is an online vocal remover service that allows you to extract vocals and instrumentals from any song online. This website allows you to separate different stems (vocals, drums, bass, accompaniment) online. Vocal remover can be useful if you want to create your own karaoke or modify the song to make a remix. You can choose different quality and separation models. All splitting models are based on AI technology.

Vocal Remover is completely free to use but needs more processing time than other commercial voice or instrumental extractors.
Please, be patient.

How to Remove Vocals From a Song

This online application will help you to remove vocals from a song for free:

– Click “Upload” in right corner

– Upload your song or search for it on YouTube

– Click “Next” and name your song

– Choose “Dynamic” or “Static” Mix

– Wait while vocal remover completes the task

[Spleeter model requires more processing time, please, be patient otherwise use Static Mix with Demucs V3 Model]